Backyard Study #2: Fall City, 2011

An ongoing investigation of memory
Jack's Epitaph, 2010

Site-specific public art installation,
Tacoma, WA
Eight Belles' Dream:
A Collaboration with Inmates of Montana State Prison
, 2012

This ornate horse's bridle combines the centuries-old crafts of leatherworking and horsehair hitching. For this collaboration, I employed traditional leather braiding and knotting techniques in crafting the headstall; the superb hitched horsehair reins and tassels were made by inmates at Montana State Prison. MSP is one of the few places where this labor-intensive art continues to survive, as inmates pass on knowledge hand to hand. Prisoners are allowed to receive commissions from private collectors, and also to sell their work at the prison gift shop for up to thousands of dollars (a portion going toward victims' restitution). This project was made possible with support from a Tacoma Artists Initiative Project grant.
Find out more about it here.
Headstall: Lisa Kinoshita. Kangaroo leather, horsehair, antler, sterling silver, steel.
Cheekstrap tassels: Pat Turner. Hitched horsehair.
Reins: Anonymous (inmate). Hitched horsehair.
Valley Roundelay, 2012
An architectural study inspired by the iconic American barn made from jewel-tone, interlocking panels. Commissioned by the City of Fife, Washington, the artwork is an homage to the area's agricultural history, and the immigrants of many countries who came to settle in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. Its modernist lines and materials reflect the community's evolution from the past into the unforeseeable future. A roundelay is a repeating refrain in music - Valley Roundelay hints at how family farms and commercial development have imposed cycles of change upon each other.
Plexiglas. 16x42x22in
Collection of Fife Historical Society